5 Of The Top Medical Blogs To Follow

The internet is rapidly growing. Many people seek answers for their various lives’ circumstances on the web. It only makes sense then, that this would include seeking medical advice too, right? The internet can be a great resource to learn more about a variety of topics; however, we must use caution when using the web as our sole means for medical advice. With so many blogs and sites, how do you know which ones to choose from? I have put together a list of the top 5 medical blogs to follow. Each has their own unique focus regarding medical studies and techniques. 

Best Medical Blogs

Kevin MD – Covers things on a more down-to-earth level. You don’t need a medical degree to understand what he’s talking about. This site is updated very regularly, and covers more traditional techniques used in medicine today. Visit http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/

Emergency Medicine Cases – Delivers exactly what you would expect it to. Several cases of emergency medicine are recorded. What makes this blog so special is the format in which it’s written. Blog posts are updated monthly and are formatted like episodes of a TV or Radio series. Members have the option of listening to each episode, or downloading the episode to their computers and read or listen to it later.

Doctor Grumpy – A blog that leans more towards the humorous side of medicine. Still very educational, but definitely a much lighter read than those mentioned previously. Visit http://drgrumpyinthehouse.blogspot.com/

Rogue Medic – This blog has one key difference that distinguishes it from the previous blogs that I’ve mentioned. It’s not run by a doctor! Instead, nurses run the blog and they share their unique stories and perspectives on things. Visit http://roguemedic.com/

Body in Mind – This blog falls in its own category all by itself. These posts focus on alternative medicine and natural remedies. They believe that our bodies own natural healing abilities are the best way to maintain good health and fast recovery. Visit http://www.bodyinmind.org/

All of the above blogs are great places to start looking for medical advice, and each of them offer a unique twist, or spin as to how they go about doing it. Just remember, the internet can never replace your caregiver, and if you are experiencing any major symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.


Will V writes about medical topics, particularly regarding regulatory affairs and for medical device consultants, such as Trac Services. 


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